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Risk Management Advantage

The IRM Advantage

Why Claims Management

Why IRM?

Since our inception in 1994, Integrated Risk Management has worked with brokers, administrators, law firms and insurance companies to successfully provide program-specific claims management. Integrated Risk Management can do the same for you.

IRM provides customized claims management designed to improve the overall functioning and profitability of your program.

IRM Means:

  • Market specialization: IRM focuses on distinct market segments, including commercial self-insureds, group self-insureds, MGA programs, and public entities.
  • Lines of business: IRM provides insurance services for standard lines of business, including property, general liability, products liability, professional liability, and auto; and also for the more specialized focuses like municipal liability and construction.
  • Program-specific infrastructure: IRM provides program-specific claims management. We will provide a dedicated client contact and work to learn the intricacies of your program and your policy holders' business. We will also create a designated claim unit which will specialize in the types of claims your program will encounter. We'll tailor our services to your program's structure and culture. With IRM, you'll enjoy superior service from the beginning of our relationship.
  • Expert staff: You will enjoy a dedicated team of professionals who are not only extremely knowledgeable technically, but who also are skilled communicators and a pleasure to work with.
  • Litigation Claim Management: IRM will develop a panel of attorneys and expert witnesses for your program who have an expertise in the types of lawsuits that your program generates. Our claim representatives will manage these professionals, and will work to develop strategies to help bring cases to cost-effective resolutions.
  • Powerful, versatile technology: IRM's partnership with Virtual Claims Adjuster means that we are able to utilize VCA's proprietary, web-enabled Risk Management Information System (RMIS). VCA offers customizable fields and reports, allowing you to easily uncover trends, perform real-time status checks on individual claims, and create dozens of professional reports and charts with just a few clicks of the mouse.